Over the rainbow or just over the top

I am not a fan of TV programmes which subject to young people to acute embarrassment in the name of fame.

is she wearing shoes?

Last Sunday, the remote was on the other settee (honest) and the worst UK TV I have seen in many months, years or perhaps decades was on. Andrew Lloyd Webber was sat in a throne being waited upon by Graham Norton – this was bad enough. It is apparently to find the next Dorothy and Toto for the Wizard of Oz.

It was quite appalling. In fairness the girls can sing. But the rest? Appalling.

But after one wannabee hopeful is ejected there is a foot fetish moment as ALW gets to be given the sweaty shoes of the failed Dorothy. Not content with this, she is then placed on a moon thing and ‘floats away’ singing ‘somewhere over the rainbow’.

I didn’t know what do do – laugh or cry. I thought for a moment I was watching some crass cheap USA budget show but alas not. It was in glorious HD on the BBC. So, worse still, I have paid for this.

It has been said in the last few weeks that as a Nation we should consider ways of engaging the British Public in the Election process and that X-Factor type shows might be the way forward.

So, on May 7th we could have all of the leaders of the parties who lose are forced to remove their shoes and sing whilst floating off in a giant hot air balloon – I can think of nothing more appropriate. The winner gets to stay on the ground and run the Country.

Normal service was later resumed. A repeat of Top Gear.

Clarkson for PM I say – provided he vetoes:

1. all reality TV shows
2. all shows containing ALW
3. any show that makes you take your shoes off

And will someone tell ALW that the ‘throne’ look is not exactly cool.

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