Little Britain 2010 – day one

It is three years since I entered my first race as a novice – on board a racing yacht in The Solent. The race is known as Little Britain. In parts it can be like comedy!

The Innes England Little Britain team 2010

This year we have our own team – and for the next three days we are pitting our collective wits and sailing skills against others in the building and property industry.

Last time I raced we broke the boat – which was slightly concerning, but also disappointing as we seemed to be doing so well. We also got a bit wet when the yacht broached. I am not too keen on this manoeuvre!

The Yacht is called ‘Hot Stuff’ and is a Beneteau 40.7′ – needing a crew of 8 or 10. We set sail this morning from Cowes for some drills and practice in the Solent. Our skipper, Hooky and his mate, Max were very patient with us!

At 2.00pm we raced in our Class, there seemed to be about 30 boats jostling for position on the line. And after 2 hours of darting and tacking up and down the coast we were back on dry land. We don’t know where we are yet – as it is a handicapped race! It was certainly competitive…

It was a big team effort today and I realise just how complex boats are – and how you need to respect the sea and the water. It’s great fun – exhilarating, but quite exhausting! So I think it may be necessary to have some Apres Sail?

I will update the blog later if I can work out where we are, but my take is that there were four boats behind us! Which must mean we are not last?


It seems that out of 19 boats we are currently in 17th place. This seems to be wrong! We have four more race to rectify the situation…

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