iphone 5 – update

My iphone 5 is nearly two weeks old. I like the style of it. It has the usual Apple finish – but four observations for Apple..
1. The battery life is terrible. I doubt it lasts six hours. The staff in Apple Regent Street said it was because i had Bluetooth, push notifications and wi-fi turned on. And I made calls and took photographs… Er – isn’t that the idea?
2. £15 for a spare cable is just a rip-off.
3. £25 for an adaptor to connect to all the old stuff we all have is a bigger rip-off – well it would be if you could get hold of one!
4. I had to go to Paris to get a cover – Apple Regent Street said they would have some in a couple of weeks – but try Amazon / Ebay. Really?

The good bit? The panorama camera is brilliant!

2 comments on “iphone 5 – update

  1. I agree with your comments re cables/adapters Tim – but the battery life is surely a fault with the config on your phone. My iPhone 5 uses all the same push, WiFi and Bluetooth and is usually 60+% after a whole day, including bluetooth music in the car on the journey. Cases from eBay are good quality already and mine was £2.99 delivered :-)

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