There’s no such thing as a free Invest in Nottingham Club lunch

On Friday lunchtime I had a great lunch at Trent Bridge. It was my second visit to the ground. Lats time was in the summer when I watched ‘cricket’ with my mates. I didn’t really get it – you might remember the blog


But Friday was serious. It was the update lunch – sponsored by Shakespeares lawyers. And guess who got to do the update?

It was good (I mean the update not my presentation of it). That’s because it was written by ‘Uncle’ Jim Taylor – the sort of Godfather of the Club. And I have to say that I learned a lot!

The club and the inward investment team handle the majority of enquiries that hit the city and the figures are impressive:

* 87 Enquiries year to date since the last report
* 10 companies have been supported – creating over 1100 jobs and safeguarding around 120 more.
* 22 “Active Pursuits” which are companies still looking actively – these include:

an Indian BioPharma company
an Indian Engineering company
a Major regional office requirement
a Head office requirement
a US Low Carbon company
a Regional engineering company

Then there is real jobs story. ASDA are to open a Home Delivery Centre in Bulwell – which will create up to 600 jobs. This is one of the largest inward investment successes the city has seen since Capital One.

I enjoyed the lunch but it was especially good to deliver some good news for the City. The Club goes from strength to strength and most of the major employers in the city are now members. It’s another example as how the private sector are working with the public sector – for the benefit of the city?

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