New York – so yesterday

I’m a fan of New York – it’s probably my favourite city on the planet. It does tourism on a world class scale. I hate the touristy bits – but they provide the initial draw.


It seems that the UK has a new pretender. Steam(ing) Research announced yesterday that the new New York is “a top destination for events, shopping, history and culture and a great place to stay for the nationally significant attractions”. Read the words again and then close your eyes to imagine where they are talking about.


I kid you not. My friends at Marketing Derby have clearly been working overtime to get this finest of accolades.

My fellow Director in Derby, Gary Woodward, solemly told me yesterday, “F*** flying off to Spain for your holidays. Come to Derby- a top destination!If you’re looking for somewhere next year for your cultural break I would certainly help you out. After all NY is now old hat in comparison to DERBY.” He went on to say, “I reckon next year we’ll be a world top 5 destination

I know that Derby don’t have a Castle – nor any other tourism based things. They do have a River though. And a shopping centre. And I was told at lunchtime by the CEO of the City that they had a Council House.

You might have though it was 13th December yesterday but by some quirk of time it was (for a few hours) 1st April..

In the meantime I’ve booked my flight.

3 comments on “New York – so yesterday

  1. I was born in Derby and even I try to avoid going back unless I have to… anything worth seeing has been bulldozed or mutilated beyond recognition… the final straw for me being the destruction of a listed ll bus station in favour of the Riverside tin box, any good architect would have found a way of incorporating the old building into the new.

    I think too many higher level council employees are confused by the fact that while they work for Derby “City” Council they actually live in Derbyshire County Council and forget to take off the rose tinted glasses as they enter the “city” for work every morning.

  2. I’ve come to this blog a bit late in the day. That’s probably a good thing, though – if I’d read it at breakfast the consequences would have been very messy. Poor old Gazza’s never been the same since he came to Nottingham and was asked to pay the entry fee for a genuinely historic tourist attraction. Coming from Derby, he obviously wasn’t used to a quality price. As for a holiday in Derby…save yourself a few quid and watch Groundhog Day.

    • Apparently Richard we just don’t understand. It is a throbbing place, people clamour to see things. Thinks like the new Council House (and it’s hydro-power plant). Also, the Station with it’s trains. And other stuff too. Lots of tourist stuff. Rolls Royce and Hero TSC. It’s a fantastic day out.

      I’m sorting some flights out shortly.

      I hate touristy places…

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