Nottingham Squash – alive an kicking

If you a regular here you will know that I took on the mantle of Chairman of Nottingham Squash Rackets Club last year. It’s been an interesting ride so far! Tiaras and tantrums might be the title of the book when I get round to writing it!

Eddie Charlton - Nottingham Squash

Eddie Charlton – Nottingham Squash

One of my biggest challenges was to secure a Nottingham team to play in the PSL the professional league. Our previous sponsor chose not to support to the team and so we needed some new cash.

And I’m delighted that we have done it. In fact we have done it and some. We have raised more sponsorship than last year and will have a unique team in the PSL – it is almost all home-grown.

The team will be:

Air-IT Nottingham

We have managed to secure a very generous sponsorship deal with Todd McQuilkin from Air-IT. In the past Todd has sponsored David Lloyd Aspley.

But we have some new sponsors too:

Fantasy Squash
Press Association Images
Innes England

There is another change – the Air-IT Nottingham team will be managed by Mark Fuller from Fantasy Squash – he also plays!

Over the last few days Mark has secured the players who are confirmed as:

Eddie Charlton – World Rank 59
Emma Beddoes – WR 31
Emily Whitlock – WR 24
Lewis Walters – WR 96
Ollie Holland – WR 253
Dec James – WR 107
Mark Fuller – WR 183
Chris Fuller – WR 160
George Parker – England No.1 Under 17
David Wardle – Nottingham University No.1

This is fantastic news for the club and for local squash.

If you fancy seeing some world class squash in Nottingham next season – we’ll be selling Season Tickets shortly!

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