Brand Archetypes

I mentioned yesterday that we are looking at some of our branding – and I’m writing these blogs in the wrong order!


We are working with Fifteen – a branding agency based in Ilkeston. They presented to us last week and one of the things they showed us was a slide showing Brand Archetypes – business stands to fall into one ‘type’.

You can see some of the big brands and where they sit.

The types tend to fit into risk v stability or enjoyment v fulfilment.

Although you might imagine we should be able to identify with one aspect, it wasn’t that easy! This partly because the different sectors of the business, by their very nature, display slightly different faces.

Professional valuers tend to be sage-like, property managers and building surveyors might be magicians (!), agency types think they are heroes.

Mine, that wasn’t difficult. Rebel. Le Frondeuse as the French would say.

Oh dear, this is not going to be easy (for my colleagues).


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