Bear eats bullet journal

I was looking back at some blog posts in the week and spotted this one. It was all about my new found analogue toy – a bullet journal – which was coupled with a very cool pen.


But I did mention that I was using an ‘app’ called Bear.

The bear has eaten my bullet journal. I no longer use the little black book. My notes are now almost entirely taken in the app – which syncs on my macbook, ipad pro and iphone. I can add lists, notes, pictures and clippings. It is all cross referenced and easily searchable.

I have, in the past, struggled with letting go of the paper. But this app is perfect for the way I work. I do occasionally scribble notes – but tend then to scan these into PDF and save them digitally.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try an alternative to the humble notebook. It is way better, in my view, than OneNote.

2018 is my challenge year to go totally paperless! Bears, it seems, don’t just shit in the woods.

2 thoughts on “Bear eats bullet journal

  1. Tim
    Interesting to see that you have adopted “the Bear”.
    I have looked at bullet journal but haven’t adopted. I have however been using Evernote for a while – useful for recording reminders, to do lists and other useful stuff; which can be given reminders and syncs with my iPhone Outlook email app.
    Have you used Evernote and if so how do you think it compares to Bear?
    Ps – hope you’re well.

    1. Hi Nick, good to hear from you. I did use Evernote for a while but found it a bit clunky. OneNote is in the same camp. Bear is much simpler and cleaner. But that is its limitation too – it doesn’t do the reminders. It is more akin to a revolving to-do list – which can be used to make notes – all of which are fully referenced.
      I’m good and hope you are too… Tim

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