They’re off! Cannes here they come…

Jon Collins (leader of Nottingham City Council) and Nigel Turpin (Head of Urban Design) today set off for Cannes – from Nottingham. The sun was shining and a small crowd had gathered. Raleigh were on hand to offer the technical help you need for such a trek.

But this is green travel at its finest – on bikes. I have blogged about this before, but I make no apologies for plugging this again.

Only 1700 km to go then!

Jon and Nigel left the Market Square with a small contingent of helpers to get them to the County boundary – including Mark Hobson from Mabers, John McCay & Helen Andrews from Rizk McCay and a few others!

They were seen off by Team Nottingham – mostly dressed in pink!

Also accompanying them was Nottingham-born Olympic and World Cycling medallist Bryan Steel – a few looked a bit worried at the prospect of Bryan setting the pace!

The main Cycle to Cannes event runs from London and starts on Thursday – but these hardy souls have decided that even the train fare to London is too much! They are cycling today and tomorrow to London. The fun then starts as they tackle the remaining 1500 km ride – hoping to arrive an the Croissette next Tuesday around 2.30pm.

The route is anticipated to be:

Stage 1: London – Folkestone 119km
Stage 2: Calais – Reims 320.9km
Stage 3: Reims – Dijon 316.5km
Stage 4: Dijon – Chanas 275.4km
Stage 5: Chanas – Aix en Provence 301.0km
Stage 6: Aix en Provence – Cannes 176.4km

They are raising money for Charity – and you can donate here. This is for a fantastic cause – Maggies in Nottingham!

I wish them both well (and the other 83 brave (?) riders). This is no mean feat. And when I am on the plane on Sunday heading for the South of France I shall be thinking about them – and not complaining about the lack of legroom…

UPDATE 10.3.10

Jon Collins reaches London

Jon & Nigel’s progress can be found on Nottingham City Councils MIPIM blog – link is on the right of my site!

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