We have a new office toy!

You might remember that I went sailing in the Little Britain race last year. We famously and impressively (after much hard work) came second*.

But I did win something. I won a raffle! And the first prize was a shiny new Dyson Airblade. I never normally win things in raffles! And I have never won a hand-dryer before, ever!

This week the new “toy” has been fitted at our office – and takes pride of place in the male visitors loo.

It is brilliant. In my early days of blogging I was saying that I had come across some imitation ariblades which were nowhere near as good as the Dyson. Since that time I have seen some more imitators and no-one seems to have come close. There really is something about originals.

As the blurb says – “It’s the fastest hand dryer – and it’s hygienic, too, cleaning the air before blowing it onto hands. And because it uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers, it costs less to run. It can also help lower a business’s carbon footprint – with no paper towels creating waste.”

These bits of kit are not cheap though – around £550 + VAT for a unit. But they are very good, they make your hands look like Clarksons face whilst driving the Ariel Atom.

You might not get excited by a hand-dryer, but this is no ordinary hand-dryer!

I think we might save up for one for the Ladies next (In a Andy Gray style it has been fitted to the gents…)

*to last.

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