We have a new office toy!

You might remember that I went sailing in the Little Britain race last year. We famously and impressively (after much hard work) came second*.

But I did win something. I won a raffle! And the first prize was a shiny new Dyson Airblade. I never normally win things in raffles! And I have never won a hand-dryer before, ever!

This week the new “toy” has been fitted at our office – and takes pride of place in the male visitors loo.

It is brilliant. In my early days of blogging I was saying that I had come across some imitation ariblades which were nowhere near as good as the Dyson. Since that time I have seen some more imitators and no-one seems to have come close. There really is something about originals.

As the blurb says – “It’s the fastest hand dryer – and it’s hygienic, too, cleaning the air before blowing it onto hands. And because it uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers, it costs less to run. It can also help lower a business’s carbon footprint – with no paper towels creating waste.”

These bits of kit are not cheap though – around £550 + VAT for a unit. But they are very good, they make your hands look like Clarksons face whilst driving the Ariel Atom.

You might not get excited by a hand-dryer, but this is no ordinary hand-dryer!

I think we might save up for one for the Ladies next (In a Andy Gray style it has been fitted to the gents…)

*to last.

2 comments on “We have a new office toy!

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  2. We have one of these at home in the downstairs bathroom and they are as good as they are cracked up to be. Visitors and kids alike love it, and they are a great way to make sure kids wash their hands too. As you can hear when they have done so, hehe.

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