Music – a sense of deja vu?

As you may guess, if you are a regular reader, I am a big fan of music. My iTunes library comprises 6,328 albums or 52,640 tracks. If I had 145.2 days I could listen to it all (that would take me until Saturday 15th February around 11am).

But my oldest son has recently bought a turntable (and has spent a small fortune on LP’s!)

And this has got me thinking…

I have about 150 albums at the back of my garage (somewhere) – these were bought at the time when music was not just great – it was brilliant. The Boomtown Rats, Bowie, Blondie, more Bowie, The Clash, Sex Pistols et al.

So I am wondering, should I get a turntable again? iPods celebrated their 10th birthday recently, and digital music has changed our lives – millions now wander round with those little white ear buds in. Oblivious to the world around them. I have thousands of tracks of music in my car. Thousands on my phone, another load on my iPad.

But I think I listen to music differently now. I used to actually listen to it, now I wonder if it is just on as background stuff? Some of it isn’t – but a lot of the time, I use it to help me concentrate / avoid distractions.

But when I used to listen to music I’m not sure this was the case?

Will the turntable make me listen to the music again? If I do, I have a feeling I will be reverting to the stuff I bought 30 years ago though!

7 comments on “Music – a sense of deja vu?

  1. I dont miss the crackle of dust, the hum of the amp or the inevitable scratches you got with vinyls. I do most surely miss the artwork that went into the album covers, and the gobbledegook that was written. “In search of the lost chord” by the Moody Blues a particularly good example of both

    • Yes perhaps I am being seduced by an era – rather then the technicalities of listening to stuff. Audiophiles argue that the LP was ‘warmer’, but not sure my rubbish ears can tell that? I’m still really tempted to travel back in time. And sit off those old covers and the artwork. I’m particularly keen to find my white vinyl Parallel Lines album…

  2. Tim

    I still have a turntable and still use it as it makes me listen to an entire album as the artist intended. I also like the sound – it’s less clinical than CD and actually suits certain eras better!

    Get yourself a turntable – but it needs to be a decent one or you will be disappointed after CD etc.


  3. Go for it Tim. It will compliment all that Hi Tech stuff, slow the pace of life and evokes a previous era. My ‘rega planar 2’ is over 20 years old and is still regarded by HiFi buffs as a quality turntable. All the cost goes into the motor, arm and cartridge. No fancy features.
    On new stuff,, try Henry’s Funeral Shoe ‘Everything’s for sale’

    • Thanks Nick, been and ordered today from Richer Sounds… Can’t wait, but have to rooting around in the garage to find those albums at the weekend!! Will look out for your recommended pick!

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