A new Audi – wow!

It’s fair to say that I miss my RS4 – it was by far the best car I ever owned. The three years I had it went by a ll too quickly. In the snow of last week, I missed the four-wheel drive! I guess I don’t miss the 13 mpg… But I do miss it!

It was the second Audi I had owned – the first was an Audi TT – which I also loved. But now Audi have gone and set a new benchmark – with the unveiling of a new go-faster version of the TT. The new 2012 TT RS Plus is a tuned version of the coupe and roadster with 355bhp – giving more horses than the Porsche Cayman R.

This is a very very fast car – 174mph is top speed. This is the limited speed – to stop the tyres blowing up! There’s no mpg figures yet so I figure that it will be eco-friendly.

0-62mph is 4.1 seconds. Which is a bit quicker than my RS4 – which was 4.6 seconds – and that was quick!

What I love most though are those wheels… They look really cool!

This looks like a very sensible choice for my next car? Thought you would agree…

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