Sainsbury’s brutally honest about overcharging me…

I dislike going to Sainsbury’s – people park next to me when there are 300 spaces nearby.

But it’s not just that – they now tell me that if I had shopped at ASDA or Tesco I wouldn’t have paid quite so much for my shopping. They know precisely how much I would have saved by going to their competitor store. £1.06 to be precise.

So having told me they have scammed me for a pound – did they give me the cash back? No, they gave me a voucher for that amount to get me to come back to recover the amount I overpaid. And presumably get ripped off again?

I think this sort of ‘offer’ is rubbish. It tells me I could have saved money at their competitor. But my reward for being overcharged – to come back again with a voucher. It’s a self perpetuating rip-off.

Very irritating.

The alternative is I won’t go shopping (you might have guessed I didn’t anyway?)

3 comments on “Sainsbury’s brutally honest about overcharging me…

  1. Tim:

    I agree. Don’t go back and contact them and tell them why you won’t! You might even mention how much future business this probably cost them.

  2. Presumably it makes good business sense for Sainsbury’s to dole out their ‘Brand Match’ vouchers. In my experience, I usually find these coupons in a crumpled heap at the bottom of my handbag. long after the expiry date. Therefore Sainsbury’s are ‘quids in’, which in my opinion, adds insult to injury for the loyal customer. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so naively loyal in the future!

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