Apple – the coolest shop in New York?

It’s definitely a store for boys; judging by the girls at the entrance, I’m not sure they get it. I’m talking about the Apple Store. And this one is an amazing piece of architecture at the corner of Central Park in New York.

18 panels of glass on each side cover a glass spiral staircase which leads to a cavernous basement – full of boys toys. It’s an amazing shop.

On the plane over the pond I finally finished Steve Jobs authorised biography. It’s a mighty tome – at over 600 pages. I found it fascinating -and if you have a month or so spare, worth a read.

One of the chapters describes in detail the retail experience Jobs wanted us to have – and it contained some fascinating facts. The 5th Avenue store in New York grosses more revenue per square foot than any store in the world. It is famously open 356 days a year 24 hours a day. during it’s first week of opening it had 50,000 visitors.

Last year Apple had 326 Apple stores around the globe. And the average annual revenue per store is a staggering $34m.

As you wander around these great places you might be forgiven for not noticing the attention to detail Jobs lavished on them.

The glass staircases were patented by Jobs, but the floors deserve special mention. They look like a concrete grey – but are actually stone sourced from Il Casone quarry near Florence, Italy. They only use 3% of what they quarry – to ensure the highest quality! I’m not sure how sustainable that is!

The store has been open since 2006 and is the ultimate in minimalist architecture. I love it.

Oh, and I might have bought some essentials there! Like a Jawbone Jambox speaker which is awesome!

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