The Mayor Of Nottingham

As I headed back across the pond toward Blighty yesterday, a timely reminder that all of Nottingham should turn out to vote tomorrow! And whilst I was in the air, I gather that I had my 15 minutes of fame (well 15 seconds) on both the National 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock news….

It’s time for the referendum on whether Nottingham should have a Mayor. My view has always been ‘yes’ – and this means a change in how Nottingham is run.

Having spent the last few days in New York and watched that City grow up over the last twenty five years I’m convinced that we need strong leadership. Giuliani changed things for the better. He sorted crime with his zero tolerance policy. He created a seismic shift. The place is better for it.

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have been able to engage the ruling Labour Party over the last few weeks. They seemed to have been intent on a ‘negative’ campaign. Latterly they have clung on to a ‘racism card’ – suggesting that Mayor could be a BNP supporter? Previously though it was spin about the costs, corruption and fat cat salaries as I blogged about here.

I have said before that I think Nottingham has great ingredients – Confetti / Antenna for the creatives, Nottingham Contemporary for Art, Bio-City for the scientists and, amongst other things, tow World Class Universities. What it seems to me that we don’t have is a recipe to bring these things to gather – and we certainly don’t have a master-chef.

A Mayor could be that master-chef?

We have so much potential, but seem to get dragged down in small-time party politics.

This is an opportunity to play a bigger part in the UK. Cameron is offering seats at a Mayoral Cabinet – do we really want to be listening outside the door? Really?

I have seen at first hand how inward investment works – you need someone to go to. You need someone who makes things happen. Although I have respect for some of our local Politicians I am of the view that the system we have at present need change if we want to see see change in the City. A change of perception, a change of direction (up) and a change in our future fortune…

I know which way I’ll be voting tomorrow – assuming Mr Branson gets me home in one piece!

4 comments on “The Mayor Of Nottingham

  1. Hi Tim – been reading your blogs on this subject with interest. Seems to me that the No lobby are mainly those that benefit from the current power structure or are very close to it. Their main campaign seems to be on cost – which is acknowledged but those of us that work closely with the City can see how undemocratic things can work at times. The cost is the price of democracy. Regardless of your political persuasions, the political bias in the City means the current rulers are bullet proof – an elected Mayor is the only way this power structure can be challenged.

    I’m jealous that you went to the Keith Haring exhibition by the way – one of my favourite artists as well.

    • Hi Dan, thanks for the comments, yes I agree – my involvement in this whole thing has really been about trying to raise the debate above petty local party politics. But I think this is going to be difficult – and may be too far a step for the city to take?

      The Haring Exhibition was amazing. A true genius.

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