Spare a thought today…

In the USA it’s 9/11 – and 11 years on from the World Trace Centre attacks.

The Infinity Pool at Ground Zero

Although nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on that fateful day, a new horror is playing out – people dying from illnesses related to the falling towers. Lung cancers and the like. About 400 people have died since 2001 in these circumstances.

I have watched the new Freedom Tower grow each time I have been to New York. Ground Zero is a strangely eerie place – despite the massive construction project taking place. It’s difficult to explain the vastness of the area affected – it’s 16 acres altogether – around the size of 10 full-size football pitches.

When I was last there the new Infinity Pools were open – and these sit on the footprint of the two towers. They are huge – and around the edges carry the names of those who lost their lives. The most striking thing though is that you can look up dates of birth and dates of death for each person. The latter date hits home the enormity of the tragedy. That so many people lost their lives on the same day in this part of Manhattan.

I know that there are conspiracy theories. Like most things of this nature we’ll never know the whole truth. I can’t personally see how or why the US Government would be behind an attack – it is wholly incomprehensible to me.

But whatever the truth, 3,000 normal, hard-working, innocent people lost their lives. And we shouldn’t forget that.

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