MIPIM 2013

Nottingham will be represented at MIPIM 2013. For those who don’t know what MIPIM is, it’ the de-facto world property show where Countries, Regions and Cities vie for profile – and critically for inward investors.

In the last few years as a region we have seen Derby go from strength to strength and Leicester gently bow out. Both look to return in 2013.

So what about Nottingham. After the austerity measures in 2010 the City decided it could not be seen to be taking Councillors and Officers on ‘holidays’ the South of France. The press were having a field day with stories comparing poor residents to suntanned Officers. It was pretty cheap stuff. It said a lot about the UK press actually – cheap shots, inaccurate but sensational. And the Sun Readers dream story. Outraged he was (and probably still is).

The problem with the show is that it is a known success story. Nottingham has had successes from is. As have the private sector who go too. It is a giant market place.

Team Nottingham are a group of private sector companies who stepped up to the plate in 2011 and 2012 – to represent Nottingham. We paid for promotional material, but more significantly took Officers of the Council to the show. We fielded around 20 people. They worked the place and networked night and day.

The private sector group of us met last week – and the Council representatives were present. We know that the City are keen to be represented at the show. What we don’t know just yet wis whether they will have any money to promote the City again -as they have done in the past.

What I do know from my good friends in the private sector is that we will make sure Nottingham does get profile. It was refreshing to hear the unwavering support for the event. I’ll post an update when I know what will happen…

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