Trinity Square … part two!

If you mention Trinity Square in the Nottingham property circle you are likely to see a rasing of eyebrows. No one wants to have much to do with it. The developer nor the Planners! It is an unmitigated distater in planning terms. I blogged about it some time ago here.

You have to go to have a look to believe it – a sort of Plaza, but not. An inside out design – just horribly wrong! It should win an anti-urbansim award. Jon Collins, leader of the Council once described it as one of the worst pieces of urban design he had seen in the city in 20 years.

But there was news this week that the City Council have decided to do something about it – it is public space after all. They have run a competition and throw some money at it. £500,000 has been talked about. And some big names have thrown their hat in the ring!

One is from Gustafson Porter- designers of the (new) Old Market Square.The Square is regarded as a massive success – a flexible space than can hold concerts, markets and even a beach!

Trinity Square needs some tlc – It is surrounded by some really good leisure uses – restaurants / clubs and cinemas. This can be great space – and place for people to congregate.

Well done the Council for taking the matter in hand – I look forward to seeing the winning design – not just on paper, but built!

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