Slamming doors in new houses?

Lat week at the East Midlands Property Show there was a ‘demonstration house’ at the front of the East Midlands Conference Centre. Actually not so much of a house – rather a room… But bigger than the house I pictured yesterday!

It was there as an artefact from the Passiv-Haus conference which had taken place in Nottingham in the preceding days. Passiv-Haus is a means by which property can be built with high levels of insulation – and air-tightness.

The sample house was developed by my friends at Church Lukas in conjunction with the University of Nottingham.

I was given a demonstration. If you try to slam the door (ideally in a fit of rage) it just won’t slam. This is because the air in the room simply has nowhere to go. It can’t draw any air through… But as soon as you open the window – you can. It’s a bit like the feeling you get in the London underground as a train approaches – the air is pushed and pulled through. It was stark demonstration!

Air-tightness coupled with the insulation reduces the amount you need to heat a building. However, it is necessary to ventilate as this level of air-tighteness is hardly healthy!But this is about management.

You also have to be careful abut slamming the doors – which cost nearly £3,000!

Oh, and you have to not mention to Sue Churchill (pictured) that the step up to this level of sustainability is quite tricky….

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