Happy Birthday Nottingham Contemporary

Despite my request that all birthday parties should (by law) have jelly and ice cream my request went unheeded. Although the chocolate cake was rather good. It was the Contemporary’s 3rd birthday this week!

If you have dropped here before you will know that I am a big supporter of Nottingham Contemporary – I think it gives Nottingham a USP. It has also exceeded all expectations in visitor numbers – 700,000 – 50% more than they thought at the outset. And it is estimated that the gallery has added £23m to the local economy since opening.

170 artists later – which has included Giacometti, Hockney and Arbus – more is to come. I know from speaking to Alex the Gallery Director in the past that exhibitions can be planned up to a year in advance. In some cases they are bidding for some huge shows… Hopefully great news on that front soon! In the next session though we’ll be getting JMW Turner and Peter Doig.

But just for the moment – there’s a great film – if you have a few minutes it’s a great advertisement for the Gallery.

It’s also a film we’ll be taking to MIPIM next year to show off the assets of the city.


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