Amazon laid waste….

My son Jak spends most of his income on cars or bits for his cars (or squash). This week a package arrived – from Amazon. Parts for the car. The size of the package was impressive – 40cm x 30cm x 10cm deep. I measured it.

Free packaging and postage was a benefit – when you are buying £3.49 worth of cleaning cloths! In fairness there were six of them in the pack – as you can see from the photograph. This is not photoshopped – this is a real picture. The cloths were the only thing in the box – other than the brown paper to stop the blessed things rattling around and … er .. breaking. They arrived completely intact and unbroken, which you can’t complain about. The packaging is worthy of a dozen eggs.

Amazon – this is a shameful waste of cardboard and paper. I have no idea how much a cardboard box costs. I guess Amazon pay a lot less than I would. I am not exactly a green-exemplar by any means – but even I can see that this is an absurd waste of resource. It cannot be right to waste this amount of card.

I am sure Amazon buy many differing sizes of box. This one was clearly wrong. On all counts!

The supermarkets seem to have got their act together on plastic bags. They always make me feel guilty for not having taken my woven hessian bag with me.

What an utter waste amazon. Well, it is now as it’s in my recycling bin…

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