Nottingham Planning Team – gold star

I’m not always singing the praises of the City Council. I do appreciate they they have a lot to do – often their failings are to do with a lack of resources rather than ineptitude. Although, as with all big organisations, there can be some of that too!


I have to deal with the City on lots of levels – through their inward investment team, through estates and through planning.

A few weeks ago I was negotiating on the purchase of a building in Nottingham City – it has recently closed for it’s existing use – and my client wants it for another. The change of use will need planning permission but we won’t have time to run through that whole process before we have to complete the purchase.

So, I sent an explanatory email to the Planner – with a set of sales particulars and details of what were seeking to do in the future. I wanted to know if it was going to be contentious. Planners will sometimes give you an ‘indication’ with lots of caveats – they do have to – they ultimately answer to an elected committee.

Six minutes later came the reply. The change of use would supported. It was not contentious. SIX MINUTES.

This must be a record.

I had a delighted client. But the City should be congratulated on this approach – there was no sitting on the fence. Although the building is a a bit of an eyesore and our proposed use will fit with some of the City’s growth plan ambitions there was no compulsion to be so helpful.

So well done Nottingham City Council planning team – a gold star (when I get the actual consent!). This sort of action will help the City in the eyes of inward investors.

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