Nottingham Shopping – the scientific analysis

We get a pretty rough ride in the press – especially after the Local Data Company published its’s survey of empty shops earlier this year. We don’t score well – but that’s principally because the survey area is so widely drawn as to make a nonsense of headlines!

city_retail  1174

I blogged about the September 30% vacancy rate here. There may well be an opportunity to revisit the data soon.

But in the meantime I have noticed that it is Christmas soon. I have been working an quite a few projects in Nottingham City centre over the last few weeks – and on Sunday foolishly thought we were sufficiently in recession to ‘pop’ into town to do all of my Christmas shopping.

It was madness.

The queue for the car park was long – for 2.30pm, the shops were solid and the tills were ringing. It didn’t look like much of a recession to me.

So there are two schools of thought. Firstly that we are out of recession and life has returned to the sunshine state of miles of smiles. Or, people have been so fed up of being told we are in recession that have decided to blow the credit card to pieces – and go out with a bang.

It will be interesting to see the retailers figures over the next few weeks but my scientific analysis of the situation is that they are all having a good time this year? Certainly better than last?

One comment on “Nottingham Shopping – the scientific analysis

  1. I think it’s the latter… People are becoming immune to the current economic conditions and it’s now a way of life….. we’re all just getting on with it. The media could do their bit by refraining from all the doom and gloom mongering though!

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