A new watch?

Sometimes you just don’t know what Santa could bring you. You will know if you hand around here that I often ‘plug’ stuff for people – the nice people at Jaguar lent me some of their cars for an afternoon. I’m still waiting for a go in a plane – but I haven’t given up just yet!


I like watches too. I have a few. My day watch was acquired in New York a few years ago.

But what about this. This is not a watch. It is a horological machine. It’s made by MB&F – a Swiss company. There are just 18 of them in the world.

Obviously getting your paws on them is a challenge! And if you do – and want to keep it – it’s a cool £57,250…

Please Santa. I will believe in you again if you leave one of these for me. Promise. Alternatively Mr MB&F I’m prepared to test drive the watch for a while and I’ll lend you my original Timex watch as a deposit…

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