High Speed Train 2013 news

I met the Transport Minister The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin last week. He was speaking at an event in London organised by those in favour of HS2 Rail.


He was appointed Secretary of State in September – and he is due to make an announcement on the route for the “Y” section of the line – the one that heads from Birmingham through to Leeds. As someone who represents the Derbyshire Dales he also has a keen eye on the route through or neck of the woods!

Derby have been making noises to the HS2 Company to try to get the line to head through their City (the touristy place). Nottingham are keen too – but appreciate that you can’t run it in town. There is a fairly logical place – between Nottingham and Derby, close to the end of the tram line and at the junction of the M1 and A52. That would seem more logical than choosing one or other city.

I did speak to Patrick after his talk – but he wouldn’t commit on the location!

The other person I met at the event was Peter Waterman (of Stock Aitkin Waterman fame). He is a really genuine guy – with a passion both for railways – but also for training young people. He sees major opportunities for young people and apprentices in particular. He employs lots of them in his steam railway engine business! He did ask the un-askable question of the Minister.

“Can we please ensure that the rolling stock is built in Britain”. A sentiment liked by the assembled crowd. Although Siemens (who had sponsored the event) went a bit pale!

So we have to wait to hear about the line location and stations. I have a pound each way on Toton Sidings. I have nothing on Derby.

5 comments on “High Speed Train 2013 news

  1. Thinking strategically, wouldn’t it make sense for our region to have rail services to East Midlands Airport and spurs to Derby, Leicester and Nottingham?

    At the same time it could ease traffic flow for events at Donington by improving access there.

    We operate in a global economy and yet this region has an airport unlinked by rail. It would make far more sense than the one servicing the Cloud Factory and little else at East Midlands Parkway.

    Instead of trying to tax the motorist off the road, politicians of all parties could consider improving links by rail to (and from) the places people actually travel between.

  2. Cowanglobal is of course right, in fact I mentioned this on your tram traffic piece of 9th Nov, the sensible choice has to be serving the airport (probably via East Midlands Parkway).My pound is on the little midlander councillors all squabbling and getting it wrong. Another £1 on the ‘Y’ not happening at all in our lifetime.

  3. Cant see it going to East Midlands unless the line is built alongside or on top of the M1. Where is there any existing railway infrastucture? Have to agree with Tim. Toton makes sense, plenty of space in those old freight yards, close to the M1 with a ready made route north both road and rail. Seemples…. but watch the politicos toss this one around like a hot potato!

    • Like you, I can’t see it going to EMA however that does not prevent that being the logical, sensible choice. Unfortunately our politicians lack the vision and the understanding/knowledge of good strategy to see this.

      Tying rail development to existing rail infrastructure is to tie our future to a Victorian model. We should be looking at future need not that of history. Or are we to play little Englander while pretending to participate in a global economy (not unlike our outdated, history-based tax laws)?

      • It is unlikely to go to the airport or EMP. Neither are easily accessible. The most logical place (if we get a station at all) ids Toton – M1/A52 and tram are big ticks in big boxes.

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