Internet passwords…

Drive me mad.

It has been suggested in a recent survey that we each need 22 passwords for all that we do on-line. That’s a lot to remember. Or a lot of post-it stickers on your screen.


The survey concluded that people used the same word or combination of words – and this was potentially a breach of security. Just over two years ago I wrote a blog about passwords – here – at the time the two most popular were 123456 and password! I guess that is still the same today!

But passwords are an issue for all of us. We need pin numbers for credit cards – if you carry lots of cards do you make them all different (you are supposed to!). But most people will not be able to remember them all. Of course most people have to write down the numbers of letters we use daily. Alternatively people have some patterns.

Other people share their password – my staff know my work machine password – they need to in case I’m not there! I tend not to share my pin though!

My passwords are changed often – although my ‘strongest one’ is unguessable – even by me sometimes! But, like most people, the one I use for non-important stuff is fairly easy. The Payments Council suggested no one should use the same password more than once – although they don’t help you in addressing the 22 individual ones you are going to have to remember!

One day someone will invest something that does not require you to remember these arbitrary strings of characters. But we are not quite there yet!

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