Bowie – back in 2013

Sadly this is not news of a tour. The last tour here was back in June 2004 when that icon of pop played the Isle of Wight festival. I know because I was there!


But there is a part of Bowie coming to the UK in March, when the V&A put on a special show. Between 23 March and 23 July over 300 ‘objects’ have been assembled for the first time.

David Bowie is” will be a must-do show! The list of goodies put together includes the Ziggy Stardust bodysuit designed by Freddie Burretti. There will be some Duffy photos and the set designs created for the Diamond Dogs tour in 1974.

But the curators have also managed to get hold of some personal items including never-before-seen storyboards, handwritten set lists and lyrics as well as some sketches, musical scores and diary entries from the man himself.

Wonder if they’d like to borrow my original 1976 promotional poster for the Young Americans album…


Who would have thought that 2 days after this blog post that Bowie would surprise everyone with a new single? Brilliant stuff…. More later I suspect!

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