MIPIM 2013 – the countdown has begun….

It’s that time of year when our attention is turned to promoting this fair city in Cannes. Lovingly known as MIPIM, the world turns it’s eyes, in inward investment terms at least, on the filmic Cote D’Azur harbour-town of Cannes.


The private sector have supported the City for the last two years – at a time when spending on such things was not seen as ‘appropriate’ – particularly in light of the cuts going on in local government. We created ‘Team Nottingham’ – a loose affiliation of like-minded business folks from a round the town to peddle the wares of the city.

It was a bit like three men in a boat – except the boat is now more like a sleek yacht – with lots of men and women! We have engineers, developers, architects, QS’s, surveyors, PR types, green-types, a chemist(!), journalists and inward-investment experts. It’s a pretty powerful team!

We already have a bigger budget than 2011 – we are going as part of a LEP-wide team. This will support the wider region and give Nottingham and Derby a presence in the ‘bunker’ (aka Exhibition Hall). We are also arranging a number of high profile events – including a formal dinner and our, now famous, drinks reception. We have another event in the making too.

Boots and Paul Smith have helped us enormously – and these world brands will make our life easier in selling the City.

The team are really fired up – we are in the process of writing a dedicated app to show off the city on iPads. A film has been commissioned…

Over the last two years it has been challenging to put this show on – but we have a brilliant team now. We should be able to hit Cannes hard!

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