The Nottingham Tram – an update

It was a week of free breakfasts and lunches last week – with lots of networking events. One was an update on the Nottingham Tram. This week I was singing the praises of HS2. But the Nottingham tram is different – the work is underway on the two new extensions.

I learned quite a lot at the event put on by TramLink:

1. It is a PFI deal for 23 year years – and will cost £570m
2. two-thirds of the money came from central Government; the balance from Nottingham City Council.
3. Lines 2/3 should add a capacity of 10m more passengers to the present line each year
4. The line will create 10,000 jobs
5. The economic benefit of the new lines is estimated at £300m

The Tram will be in place by the end of 2014. By that time there will have been 1,622 tonnes of steel installed and 23,000m3 of concrete poured!

One of the key parts of the construction is where a new bridge crosses the main Nottingham Station – this will be the first time this has been done in the UK. It will be eased across at a rate of 1m/hour…

We were reminded of the sustainable benefits too; 1 team is the equivalent of 3 buses or 177 cars.

The tram remains a big selling point for the City – even though I have my doubts about the effectiveness for everyone. It doesn’t cover the whole city – so corridors will develop where the influence is felt most. But the other factor remains the (relatively) short term mess. Our city roads are currently in a state of turmoil as the contractors work to prepare the route an start on the installation of the lines.The Workplace Parking Tax (levy) is not a great advert for the City – we are seeing people ask whether it is due when they look at buildings. It does not make them competitive – especially if the are away from the zones!

3 comments on “The Nottingham Tram – an update

  1. Great blog. Hope someone manages a to install a timelapse camera on the Clocktower or wherever to record the Bridge sliding oover the Station from the Meadows side to link up with the existing track. Dare I ask if you challenged them about Chilwell High Road as per your post 11th jan:-

    “The length of road concerned is about 1/4 mile. 7 months to lay four bits of steel?”

    Kindest Regards


    • Adrian, I’m hoping so too! I think we are all looking forward to the sliding bridge…

      I have challenged the NET people about slow progress – they tell me it is all to do with the ‘services’ below ground. Whilst this might be the case in Chilwell (where the services are, in part, probably 120 years old) – at NG2 they are no more than 6 years old. They are investigating!

      Thinking about a slow motion tram film – the problem will be that it will be like Gone with the Wind?

  2. Point not made is how the council will claw back their “contribution” by taxing to death anyone wanting to park in Nottingham! That includes the ridiculous car parking tax that can only drive jobs out of the city. Tram systems are not always a gateway to the promised land. Whilst Manchester Metrolink has been a great success things were not so rosey over the Pennines in Sheffield. Have to say I get irritated when I see ridiculous claims about jobs to be created by these proposed transport projects eg 10,000! Sorry, thats utter cobblers! Spin, smoke and mirrors spring to mind!

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