Good Hackers and Sugru

Last week I caught the end of The Culture Show on BBC2. You don’t need to add a comment – I can already guess what you are thinking about the apparent mis-match.

Sugru vandalised camera

Sugru vandalised camera

There were two things which caught my eye.

The first was a great web-site – which I think is brilliant. It’s called IkeaHackers. Ikea is probably a love:hate relationship for most people although they do sell some interesting stuff – sadly much of it can be quite ‘tame’. So this web site takes the basic materials and ‘hacks’ them to create something new – and individual. You have to have a look at the web site – it’s cool!

Then for a new material – it’s called SUGRU. Described as a self-setting rubber compound it will ‘make your stuff better’. I like that description. Sugru comes in a pack which behaves like putty initially but as it cures it becomes a strong, flexible silicone rubber material – the curing happens in a few hours. It comes in lots of colours.

I shall definitely buy some – and then wonder what to do with it. A bit like stuff you buy from Ikea?

3 comments on “Good Hackers and Sugru

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