If Costa jobs are sought after how come miserable staff keep their jobs?

I converted to Costa Coffee nearly two years ago after years of Starbuck-addiction. This was partly due to the fact that the new Costa coffee had free wi-fi but also that I didn’t get my car doors dinged in Sainsbury’s car park (where my local Starbucks lives).


One of my clients has built a new Costa Coffee unit on the outskirts of Nottingham – and it has just opened. My firm were the letting agents.

Costa made the national newspaper headlines two weeks ago when they announced that they had received 1.700 applications for just 8 jobs – five of which were part time. These are not highly paid jobs – rates are between £6.10 and £10 per hour.

Most mornings I need a wi-fi fix (and a splash of caffeine) so trek to my local Costa. Most of the staff know what I need want. But there are a couple who treat me as a stranger – sometimes as if I am something of an irritant to their morning routine. They couldn’t be more miserable if they tried.

I wouldn’t want to work in Costa – but clearly 1,700 people do. Two in Castle Marina branch don’t. Can I suggest you step aside guys? You know who you are – you turn the milk sour…

3 comments on “If Costa jobs are sought after how come miserable staff keep their jobs?

  1. Maybe you should return to Sainsburys Starbucks? After all they have free wi-fi now and much friendlier staff, never mind I find the quality of the drinks superior !

    I tried out the Costa but found myself missing the cheeriness of my morning barista, so I empathise with your issue.

  2. I’m sure they would, the manager Natalie and her team always seem eager to please and always seem to smile (unlike the 2 in your post it seems) !!!

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