Innes England – our award cabinet swells…

My firm pride ourselves on being at the top of the tree in our region. It’s a tough market and we differentiate ourselves by keeping our clients happy and being as active in the market as we can be.


We have won lots of awards in the last few years – some are voted for by our peers, others by clients. But there is one award which is fairly straightforward. It’s the Estates Gazette Deals Award. In essence you win by doing more deals than your competitors. We have plenty of competitors in the East Midlands – from large national companies to similar sized practices to our own. All vying for that spot.

But we won again last week – for the sixth year running.

It’s fair to say we are a bit chuffed. You can read the results here.

The Estates Gazette said, “It was another close shave for Innes England to once again secure the East Midlands title, but this year it was a fellow independent, FHP, that pushed it close. The latter had almost double the number of retail deals as its nearest challenger, yet the incumbent delivered strongly enough in offices and industrial to secure the win. Last year it was Lambert Smith Hampton that provided the toughest challenge.”

This follows hot on the heels of the Agent of The Year Award from Insider – back in October 2012.

This latest award is really important to us. Making deals is the heart of the firm. It’s not just doing the deals that counts – it also gives us unique market knowledge to then be able to advise on where property values lie. The information we have is first hand.

Onwards and upwards!

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