Quite a few people in Team Nottingham are MIPIM virgins. I am not. I carry the scars from years of treading the boards on the Cote D’Azur.


So, in an effort to be helpful if you are doing MIPIM 2013, heres my top 10 hints:

1. Shoes. Do not wear new shoes, they may make you look sharply dressed as you ponce around the Croissette – but your feet will bleed by the end of the week from the hours you walk the halls and stand around.

2. Sleep. Sleep before the event – the days are long and arduous. Breakfast meetings and evening dinners blur eventually. Sleep is a treasured thing. Try to get some time out in the day to rest.

3. Beer. Is expensive. As is wine and champagne. But you will be plied with it from every angle. It is not cool to be seen draped across a bar heater in Bar Romma at 4am. Pace is everything. Water is good between beer.

4. Business Cards. Take some and bring some home. But when you meet someone don’t just put the card in your pocket. Write on the back of it – where you met the person and what you talked bout / what opportunity there might be for you. You will not remember at the end of the week.

5. Follow Up. when you get back from Cannes follow up. Make sure you do. The business end of Cannes is generally done back in the UK. Thats why you need to write on the business cards.

6. Canapes. Are quite lovely. But after four days you will be heartily sick of them. They do nothing for appetite. So make sure you get a decent breakfast – plenty of small cafes sell the full english treatment and why shouldn’t you. But there’s also great kebab shops which stays open until the early hours. Essential nutrients can be taken on board.

7. Brochures. It might look cool walking around with handfuls of brochures – but are you going to get them in your bag to come home? Really? Leave them where they are.

8. Sunshine. It has been known to be sunny. Which has an amazing effect on the pale-faced agents (who rarely see the light of day normally). Sun tan lotion is not for girls. You look more silly as a lobster than a hint of coffee (factor 25). You will need your sunglasses. Aviators make a true agent.

9. Dress Code. This is always a tough one. I rarely wear a tie at the office now, but I do for certain clients. If it is a formal dinner you may need a suit and tie, otherwise it’s suits and open necked shirts. As the evening wears on it can get cool though so thin jumpers may be de rigeur.

10. ENJOY. It’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it. Remember to line up your stories about 18 hour networking sessions and tough negotiations. No one will believe you otherwise…

I’ll be at MIPIM 2013 with my firm and Team Nottingham – blogging when I can.

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