London 2013 – getting around

I had two days in London this week – visiting EcoBuild. This is a giant built environment exhibition out near London Docklands Airport and aimed at saving the planet.


EcoBuild may be huge and planet saving but it is energy sapping in terms of accessibility. I was at St Pancras yesterday and it took three changes on the tube to get there – allowing around 50 minutes.

But earlier in the week I was near the Houses of Parliament and was able to use the river boat – at least to Canary Wharf. where I got on a shuttle bus. The latter should be applauded as this is the second time in the last 25 years I have ventured on these beasts of public transport. The planet must surely be safe now?

It seems that the River Tames has been in the news this week. There are proposals from Boris Johnson and TFL to double the amount of passengers using the Thames to get around – and all by 202. He has a budget of £10m for new piers and stops. In fact the proposals are wider than just transport as it is hoped that the River can host other land based uses – parks, cinemas and houses.

The trip along the river is amazing – it gives you a great perspective of the city. It wasn’t cheap (£5.40 with my Oyster discount) but the view was well worth the price.

But what was really impressive was the time saving. I think for a similar distance to my trip yesterday by tube I save 20 minutes.

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