MIPIM Day 2 – the day ahead…

It’s going to be a busy day!

Cannes in the winter sunshine

Cannes in the winter sunshine

Yesterday we had better weather than the UK by all accounts, although we had some showers.

The team have all arrived safely and were briefed last night over pizza. They have their orders – we are after investors and developers who want to put their money in a great place – Nottingham.

So today looks like …

* A few private meetings with investors – with requirements for property

* The official opening of the ‘stand’ in the bunker with Peter Richardson, chair of the LEP.

* Jon Collins arriving on his bike – having traversed England and France over the last few days.

* An appointment with Prof. Brian Cox – who is speaking on the MAnchester stand – I will be tempted to ask him whether ‘things can only get better‘ but will probably resist…

* Tonight is the Team Nottingham VIP dinner at the Radisson Hotel – we have an impressive guest list of 50 people.

More later! Breakfast next!

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