The Nottingham Dinner ….

Last night we held or Nottingham Dinner at MIPIM 2013.


We have built on the event over the last three years and I think our key event was the best ever. It was held in one of the most stunning locations – at the 360 degree restaurant on the 7th floor of the Radisson Hotel. We were treated well!

We had, as guests, 52 people attend the dinner. Keynote speeches were made by Peter Richardson (chair of the D2N2 LEP), Jon Collins (Leader of Nottingham City Council) and Mark Chivers (Director of Alliance Boots with responsibility for the Enterprise Zone). Each were able to give a personal view on why people should come to and invest in Nottingham.

The big announcement was that Nottingham City Council had signed a land deal with UKR for the sale of the Sandfield Centre. This is the village scheme I have blogged about before. And it now takes a step closer to reality. The team who have worked on the scheme were all there – including Assael Architecture who I have been working with on this and another scheme (more on that later!)

There is no doubt that this was an impressive event. We had representation from the national press there, developers, ‘money men’, professionals and some very bright ‘creatives’!

The thing I noticed most was the air of optimism. There was a genuine desire on the part of the team to sell Nottingham. The people I spoke to seemed genuinely impressed. Hopefully that will translate into real enquiries.

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