Leicester enters – stage left (MIPIM 2013)

My MIPIM days left so little time for blogging this year, I’ll do a round up next week.

Leicester City v Newcastle United

But I thought I would just touch upon Leicesters presence at MIPIM this year. I went to their dinner on Wednesday night in the old town in Cannes.

It had been a busy day with the full complement of Cities on my agenda – Derby Breakfast, Nottingham drinks and then dinner with the Mayor Of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby in the evening. The dinner was well attended by Leicester developers and professionals. Leicester are where we, Team Nottingham were probably last year. They have raised private sector money and used their LEP to have a visibility.

Sir Peter was excellent – and I was able to speak to him about a requirement we have for some land in the City. He strikes me as a person who is making things happen.

We turned our back on the idea of a Mayor last year and I still can’t help wondering whether this was a mistake. He doesn’t do the small time politics stuff, he is interested in the outcomes and how he can make Leicester better. I’m not saying that Nottingham don’t want to see things change – but there is a different culture and attitude evident…

Well done Leicester.

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