I didn’t blog at the time of the horsemeat scandal (which still seems to have legs – four obviously).


I have an innate dislike of supermarkets – I don’t know why. I think it is something to do with the way they behave toward the small independent retailers (wanting to crush them). I know they have a place and are convenient – but I sometimes think that there is something about independent retailers which gives you comfort.

If I look at my local shopping parade there is a butcher and greengrocer – just! If there is a new Sinsbury’s store there soon they are unlikely to survive.

I did wonder – what is the chnace of the local butcher selling horse meat? close to zero I suggest.

The supermarkets, by their very nature, need to bulk buy. I blogged last week about the food miles we now have to get food on our plate. That was specifically about ‘fresh fruit and vegetables. But it also applies to meat – we can get fresh meat from anywhere – and therein lies the problem. We simply can’t control every single outlet across the EU.

We can’t possibly know that the standards we anticipate are being kept. And that has been proven with the horsemeat in our burgers scandal. Or that pork meat has been found in supposedly Swedish Halal salami.

You can’t help but feel that sometimes bigger isn’t better – even if it is more convenient and cheaper?

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