Nottingham goes to London

Last night I was at the Invest in Nottingham Club event in London. Actually at the Skyloft at Millbank – where 200 odd guests assembled.


It was an impressive location and a celebration of Nottingham in the smoke.

We had an impressive line up speakers ranging from the Rt. Hon. Greg Clark – Minister for Cities, Sir John Peace – Chairman of Burberry, Experian and Standard Chartered Bank (also Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham in his spare time) and Graham Cartledge – Chairman of Benoy Architects. There were also a few folk gathered who were recognisable – Ken Clarke MP, Chris Leslie MP and Graham Allen MP.

There was a theme for the evening – which was that Nottingham was the place to do business. But more than that there was a focus on the Creative Quarter – where it is clear Nottingham’s future lies. It is not difficult to see that this can be a real focus for the future. Our messages about what we are for all lie in here. We can – and do – create things. The sector is quietly getting on, growing new businesses and building on old ones too.

We have some incredibly talented people in the city – in no small part thanks to our two world class Universities.It is now time to embrace them and encourage them. We need to keep them in the City and then tell the world about the clustering of that talent. That will impact on all of us…

All in all it was a good event to showcase Nottingham. The view, as you can see, wasn’t too bad either!

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