Lyon – lessons in light

Lyon celebrates the Festival of Lights each December – la Fête des lumières. The Lyonnaise light up the City with candles but also with some amazing light shows – where they project onto buildings.

As part of our trip we had a great opportunity to vist OLAC – the Outdoor Lighting Application Centre. This is one of the largest ‘real life’ demonstration labs in the world. There were three parts – a motorway, a residential street and a city centre.

I couldn’t really get any decent images as we were inside the buildings. But you can sse the demonstration video below:

I though it was really interesting what can be done with light painted onto buildings. Clearly if the buildings are architecturally interesting it helps, but whole lighting strategies can change both mood and behaviour.

It was a fascinating evening – and thanks to our hosts Philips. The interesting point made during the evening was how fast the technology is changing – in the list four years the centre has reduced it use of electricity by one-sixth. And the ‘show’ hasn’t changed. I was impressed.

So thats it for Lyon, a fascinating place and I have to say thank you to Pat Brown at Central for making it all happen!

I have been in Cork this week – I’ll pass on my views on that next week!

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