Deception and Perception

I need to make it clear that I don’t agree with counterfeits. If I want a Gold Rolex watch then buying one on the beach out of a guys suitcase is unlikely to have all the necessary guarantees! And $25 doesn’t usually cover the cost of the box.


But yesterday I heard something on the radio and had to smile.

It seems that the uber trendy Dr Dre Beats solo headphones are being forged and sold for £15. They generally retail at £170. Clearly there is something wrong. And when tested they generally broke, disintegrated and sounded awful. The estimated cost to make them was given as a few pounds.

Interestingly Dr Dre ‘phones were held out to be some of the best on the market. Well that’s not quite right. According to What HiFi they only get three stars. If you search their web site for headphones with five stars you’ll find plenty – look at these Grado’s at £110 – they get 5 stars.

But the point is that the Grado’s aren’t cool (I have some). Dr Dre is cool – and so, unsurprisingly you are paying a fair premium for the name – rather than a high quality sound. Perception is everything…

Sound familiar? (No pun intended).

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