The Skeuomorph

It’s a great word – and one I hope you can use today – and for the next few days.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 15.46.57

The definition is ‘an element in an object’s design that’s no longer functionally necessary but has been retained anyway for ornamental purposes‘. Like a belly button you’re probably thinking?

But actually this all about Apple and cool designs. Take the calendar in Apples suite – the picture above clearly shows a ripped element of a page. But is it necessary? It does give us a 3D sense – but it goes against the grain really?

It is known that (Sir) Jony Ives dislikes Skeuomorphs. They do rather go against the clean lines of Apple design. And there is a move in the industry to ‘clean up its act’. The new windows system apparently (I don’t do windows) has no skeuomorphs.

I think there is something rather quirky about these artefacts – they give, as much as an inanimate object can give, a bit of life?

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