Parking costs Nottingham…

You don’t need to worry too much about what inflation is doing if you control the City Centre parking. In the case of the City Council they have just increased parking charges for the shortest stay rates at 6 and 8%


Broadmarsh has risen from £3.50 to £3.70 (six per cent) and Trinity Square is up from £3.80 to £4.10 (eight per cent). Overnight rates have gone from £5 to £11.

In the case of Broadmarsh – this is surely just another nail in it’s coffin.

The City centre is in real danger of imploding. The landscape of retail is changing – and on-line is on the up (it’s at just over 10% now and is estimated to be at nearly 13% by 2014). If we want to keep out cities we need to encourage people to come into to the centre.

In that time honoured tradition though there is some spin – Councillor Jane Urquhart, the city council’s portfolio holder for planning and transport, said: “We try to strike a delicate balance when setting prices in our car parks, operating in a commercial market but mindful of the need to ensure the city centre remains appealing to visitors, and that there are alternatives such as on-street parking and public transport.”

I’m sorry but our public transport system isn’t currently good enough. On Street parking is limited and at £1 per half hour in Zone 1 is hardly attractive?

At the time when the city is being decimated by works to build the tram – we need to be offering people a reason to come into town. Fighting the roadworks then having inflation busting rises in costs is hardly the answer? What isn’t said is the need for the car parking fees to help balance the Council’s books – it’s an important revenue stream!

Of course this is simply the latest attack on the motorist – after the workplace parking tax, it’s not difficult to see what the Council think about the private motor car. Not much?

3 comments on “Parking costs Nottingham…

  1. I recently paid £6.50 for half an hour in a Manchester city centre car park (Manchester Central), so not that bad. It is a problem though, particularly as retail parks continue to offer free parking. Maybe it’s a challenge for city centre retailers to offer some sort of incentive scheme.

  2. There’s no consistency either. margate, which is a Portas Pilot town and has great cheap parking (ie 80p for two hours) has just given the go ahead for a HUGE Tesco right on the sea front, which will continue to rip the soul out of the town.

    I wonder whether the potential business rates income was anything to do with the decision to make up for that they have lost with their empty shops due to the ridiculous Westwood development?

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