Nottingham hates cars part 2 (or 3?)

Last week I blogged about our silly parking restrictions around the station and concluded that the City must really hate car drivers.

camera cash

But I wonder if I got it all wrong?

The reason is that we also have bus lanes a go-go in the City. Many were introduced with a fanfare that we were getting ‘NEW LANES’, except what they meant was ‘NEW BUS LANES’ and ‘LESS CAR LANES’. QED.

They are perplexing as some are 24 hours and some are restricted on a sort of kitchen timer thing.

In fact they are so perplexing that the City trousers £1m each year from the fines. You can read the whole story here in my local papers on-line edition.

On my way home there is a bus lane – which operates Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm. And this includes Bank Holidays. It also includes those days between Christmas and New Year when you lose track of the days. There are no buds in sight and, as you guessed it, I found out that the cameras do work – even in torrential rain. I’m pleased to have been able to contribute to the running of the place I call ‘home’.

I wouldn’t mind but in the morning the buses race each other to pick up the next passengers. And they come in my CAR LANE. I bet they don’t get fined?

Perhaps my title is wrong – I think Nottingham loves cars. We love you paying high parking charges and getting caught in bus lanes… It helps balance the books!

One comment on “Nottingham hates cars part 2 (or 3?)

  1. There’s a serious issue underneath all this, though, isn’t there. The stats will tell you that despite all the hoo-hah about public transport, the vast majority of people who commute still do so by car. That won’t necessarily be by choice, and all these little issues (bus lane fines, increased parking charges, routine congestion in and around the city, pothole-ridden roads) add up to a big problem: hassle for a mode of transport that sustains the economy. Just how much does all this hassle cost us?

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