Control Freaks…

In general terms I agree with there being some control in place; it makes for civilised society. They guy caught speeding on Merseyside last week at 165mph might have been unlucky (it was 5am) but he was probably pushing at the boundaries of sensibility. In fairness he was driving a car capable of the speed, but nonetheless it was a bit quick.


I was watching a great video on YouTube a couple of weeks ago called ‘Stand Your Ground‘. It follows a group of photographers in London two years ago. If you have 15 minutes to spare it is worth watching. The level of paranoia is astonishing – but so is level of ignorance of the law. Some of the no-neck security guards sound so convincing they even believe the lies themselves. Just for the avoidance of doubt:

* You can take pictures of anything from the pavement.
* Under s.44 of the Anti Terrorism Act the Police can view images if they believe they are connected with terrorism.
* The Police Cannot delete your images.

I was in Nottingham on Friday and was waiting to meet someone. If you know Nottingham an identifiable place is ‘by the Lions’. In the Market Square.

I was minding my own business but watching a pair of pretend Policeman asking people to move off the steps of the Council House. For ‘security reasons’. It was hot – people were eating ce cream and drinking cold drinks. Hardly a security matter?

But what really appalls me about this is that this Council House – and it’s steps – belong to the people of Nottingham. It is our Council House. I understand keeping a route clear for visitors, but I’m struggling with this level of control.

We need to stop this creep of power. This is becoming more Orwellian by the week?

One comment on “Control Freaks…

  1. I had heard about this stupid “get off the step law” at the council house. This of course was preceded by the even dafter “get off the lions law” which I find even more ridiculous. Growing up in Nottingham I was one of how many thousands if not millions of kids who actually managed to get on and off without causing problems to anyone. If you want to find the source of this lunacy, it’s very close to the lions and steps and it has to be the nutty and power mad “elected representatives” currently holding power who are bringing such ridicule to Nottingham. I sincerely hope some journo takes this up and gives those responsible a damn good lampooning. How about someone organising a flash mob to gather on the steps or wait……. Heaven forbid….. Have a mass sit down on both lions? In Nottingham in 2013 the lunatics are most surely in charge of the asylum!

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