Nottingham Contemporary – take 5

I have been to see the British Art Show 7 at Nottingham Contemporary twice in the last week. Firstly, at the weekend – which included a trip to the fantastic cafe. But then on Tuesday evening with the Invest in Nottingham Club. My firm are members.

a little piece of the Charles Avery piece

We were given a special tour on Tuesday evening by Alex Farquharson – the Director. It was great to hear his enthusiasm for the place. He even likes the outside (I think it is a marmite building!)

The show is quite interesting for the The Contemporary as it is curated by The Hayward Gallery – not by the in house team. So they have nothing to do with the art displayed. The Curators are Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton and they have chosen this year’s theme to be “In the Days of the Comet”, in emulation of H.G. Well’s 1906 novel. is held every five years and tours the UK. From Nottingham it goes to London, then Glasgow and finally, Plymouth. So we had the honour of the opening of the show. Another coup for Nottingham.

The Gallery was quite busy on Sunday morning which was reassuring – on Tuesday night it was packed with the Great and The Good from Nottingham.

But what of the art?

Well, I have to be honest and say that this is probably my least favourite exhibition to date. Some of the installations are quite challenging – which you need to see to judge for yourself.

But – I loved the Charles Avery pen and wash piece “Egg Eats Egret”. The detail is brilliant and you could look at it for hours – and see different things each time. I love the perfection of the building in the piece and the various characters.

I struggled with Karla Black’s ‘pile of soil’ – I just didn’t get it. Even after Alex had explained it to me…

We really are lucky to have The Contemporary – as I blogged last week it does give Nottingham profile. You don’t have to love the art all of the time. Nor, in my case, the building. But we should as a City support it – it does nothing but good…