Very clever lights

One of my tenants at Nottingham Science Park is LED in Light – a leading edge developer of LED light technology. LED lights have just started to appear in the trade press.

An LED light - photo courtesy of Gophi

It is amazing to think that light accounts for nearly 20% of the worlds energy. So any savings we can make have the potential to make a real difference in energy use across the globe.

LED lighting has come on a long way and I saw a working lamp last week – for the first time. The output was incredible from such a tiny diode. The advantages are immediately obvious – an 80% reduction in energy required to emit the same light. A ten year (estimated) life. They also run cool. And they are infinitely dimmable from 0%-100%.

They are also tiny – from approx. 5mm across – so they can be fitted into very small spaces.

Perhaps it is still early days and we still need some long-term data, but these alternative light sources look to be a positive story. They tend to dim over time rather than burn out like other bulbs.

They are a little expensive at the moment – as is often the case with new technology. Other forms of lighting in large areas may still have the edge in terms of coverage. But I can see from the example I saw that in smaller spaces – corridors and the like, these units might well be able to contribute to energy saving. That they can also be coloured and dimmed adds a range of features that could make them ‘killer apps‘.

It is really good to see a locally based company at the forefront of this technology!