High Speed 2, Nottingham, Star Trek & a real Lord!

My driving Licence expires in 2032. When I fist saw that date it seemed a long time away, now it is inching closer. A function of getting old?

Lord Adonis - aka The Thin Controller

The date is important – it is the probable date when the new High Speed 2 train line could open. I have blogged about the line before. This week I was invited to join a panel to face an audience at Nottingham’s Ice Arena. The panel included the CEO of HS2, Alison Munro and Lord Adonis. Both spoke about the opportunity for Nottingham (actually they were careful to use the term ‘east midlands’).

The visit to Nottingham by a well organised machine is part of the consultation which is currently underway.

It was made very clear during the presentations that the Government are listening to all of the noise being made. At the moment that noise is primarily in opposition to the line. There is a danger that this will outweigh the support.

Obviously the DfT are keen to promote the line – they believe that there is a firm case to support the line for lots of reasons. But Lord Adonis spoke most passionately. He reminded the audience that the line had cross party support (he was a Labour minister). He also suggested that everyone wanted a station, but no one wanted the line!

You can make your own mind about the line – the details of the consultation are here.

I was asked for my views – and my particular standpoint is two-fold. Firstly I can defer to Star Trek – in The Wrath of Khan Spock utters his final lines, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. This new rail line will offer real opportunities for many people. I accept that a few will be affected, but this is ‘big picture’ stuff – many people will benefit. But my second point is that this line will be for our kids and their kids. It is for future generations.

I have blogged about HS2 before and will write more when I have digested some of the facts given.

And obviously, I also need a ‘Plan B’ for when my driving Licence expires… I need a way to get around – and quick!