Good news…

Following on from my bad news last week there was good news. My macbook has been brought back to life by those clever chaps at Jigsaw24 in Nottingham.

After nearly one week of being parted from the beast of a laptop I was beginning to worry. Although some of my work was backed up, it is a major task reinstating it. So, the fact that the logic board had fried was actually good news. Apart from the £388 to replace it…

The machine was delivered back last week and has been running happily since. It took another 4 hours to update my email and diary! But all is back to normal. And is now backed up on another disk too!

When you lose your computer you quickly realise how much you rely on it! On this occasion it was a temporary loss, but a permanent one could have been disastrous…

Apple and the ipad2

My ipad is nearly 9 months old – and in the world of technology that is a lifetime it seems. I blogged about the birth here.

So, on 25th March 2011 a new ipad will be born. It’s 33% thinner and 15% lighter. And the battery life is now extended to 10 hours. It has also got 2 cameras – which were anticipated in the original.

So will I get one? In a word – no.

I use my ipad a lot – I think it is great, but I don’t need the cameras, nor does the size of the machine worry me. The battery life is brilliant – I think I charge it probably once a week? I haven’t tested it from full to flat – but I am guessing that it is around 6 hours.

I have used it as a mini laptop – but I have to say that it doesn’t replace my trusty 13″ MacBookPro – which goes everywhere with me. It has been in New York and Cannes this month – and next week it will accompany me to Shanghai.

I think I still need a keyboard! I find typing lots on the ipad to be too hard. But it is great for reading mail and news.The screen quality is superb – and shows off the photographs from my various trips brilliantly.

I am a fan of Apple kit as you probably know if you follow my blog. But I am not as sad as the ‘early adopters’ in the USA – who seem to worry if they are three hours behind their fellow Countrymen in getting their hands on the new kit. You can read the rather sad story here.