The Kate Moss Hen Party….

Yes I was there. I met her a few years ago at the Isle of Wight Festival – and she was back. This time she had decided to hold her Hen Party at the Festival. I got back yesterday – and can confirm that I have now dried out. It rained. And then some.

Don't you love a summer evening at a UK Festival?

This was my 8th Festival – the first was when we saw Bowie back in 2004. It’s become a regular feature of my summer. The music is fantastic, the food average, the accommodation poor and the toilets dire. But altogether it is a great experience…

Highlight of the show was probably Kings Of Leon, but Tom Jones, Kaiser Chiefs, The Courteeners, Pulp and the Manic Street Preachers were great too. The two surprises were PiL (Johnny Rotten) and Mike & The Mechanics. Johnny was on good form – and was as angry as hell about the technical issues he was being served up. He walked off for 5 minutes until they sorted it all out! And Mike and his Mechanics played one of my favourite songs of all time – Genesis’ ‘Follow You, Follow Me‘ – and it was brilliant.

Boy George was ‘interesting’, We Are Scientists were off the wall and Seasick Steve appeared to have brought a scrapyard of instruments – fashioned from car hubcaps, planks of wood and the occasional nail and piece of string!

Collectively at the party some 304,000 pints of beer were drunk (at £3.90 a pint!) and 70,000 burgers were eaten. I had three pig sandwiches.

But 2011 will be remember for the rain – it relentlessly fell on Sunday for around 14 hours. The fields looked like a scene from a war film. We got wet.

As for Kate – we were a bit too busy to spend any time with her. Maybe next time?

I have been asked several times if we will go in 2012 – and the answer is yes – but we will take more all-weather gear!

Festival time approaches!

My Isle of Wight festival tickets have arrived. I don’t mean tickets – I mean bright pink wristbands – which magically turn a sort of brown colour after four days! Next week I head for the south coast and (sort of) go abroad…

The shower facilities at The Festival!

I can’t believe that it’s a year since I was last on The Isle of Wight – and this year will be my 8th consecutive year at the festival. As previously, the only way to do festivals is to go low tech – a tent. Showers are courtesy of Evian (out of a bottle) and toilets are best not talked about. They remain ‘interesting’. Jeremy, my good mate, and I are not the youngest there…

But the whole point is the music and this year, with luck, we’ll get to see….

Kings of Leon (I saw them on Monday this week at Coventry)
Pulp – common people!
Foo Fighters
Kaiser Chiefs
Big Country
Mike and The Mechanics
Beady Eye
Jeff Beck
The Script
Pixie Lott
Iggy Pop
Manic Street Preachers
Joan Jett
Andrea Corr
Tom Jones

On Thursday night we get to see Boy George and ABC!

I have started to realise that I have seen nearly all of the bands before. Is this a sign of getting old?

I need to get the tent out and sort out a febreze session!

Brilliantine Mortality

Last night I saw my second ever gig at the Derby Assembly Rooms.

The first was a sweaty affair in April 1982 when my girlfriend at the time (later to become my wife!) was hauled on stage by Bob Geldof for a dance. The Boomtown Rats were in town! I quickly followed and found my way to the side of the stage to talk to Johnny Fingers – whilst he showed me the rudimentary keys to Banana Republic. He wore the trademark pyjamas! It was a great night. I can’t believe it was all those years ago – I can remember most of the set!

So 28 years on we were back again; to see The Manic Street Preachers. But I had an ulterior motive – they were supported by one of my favourite bands – British Sea Power. And despite only getting a 45 minute slot they were as brilliant as ever. Their music can be quite ‘earthy’ with sounds taken from the Countryside amalgamated with rock music. Some of the lyrics are wonderfully dark – brilliantine mortality… I’m not sure what it means. You used to be able to buy a jar of the stuff on their web site – but it’s out of stock?

They have been described as English Eccentric. They are certainly that!

I bought the new EP – and met Noble from the band. I last saw him jumping from the balcony in The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.

And after all that the Manics were pretty good too – putting on nearly 2 hours of Welsh rock! A great night out…